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“Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that It is stupid.” - Albert Einstein


about ME

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I am a revolutionary thinker who has learned how to lead through discovering my authenticity, realizing my purpose an activating my potential and using it to change the world.


Through my uniqueness I cultivate leaders of tomorrow and transform leaders of today through shifting the culture of thinking and inspiring innovative change and impact in communities, across campuses and within organizations.


My areas of influence are Authentic Leadership and Strengths finding, Organizational Change, Social Impact Education and StrategyBrand Building and Storytelling

I am an authenticity tracer, a social impact strategist and a natural fixer of problems that impact the world and amplify the voices of leaders who change it. 


Lead with me: a call to action to walk in your purpose and change the world unapologetically.

Areas of Influence 


Authentic Leadership and Strengths finding


Organizational Change


Social impact Education and Strategy


Brand Building and Storytelling


Discover your authenticity

Develop your identity

Understanding your purpose

Fuel your passion 

Unleash your potential 

Lead with a moral compass

Understand InnateStrengths

Develop a Problem Solving Mindset

Become a transformative and effective leader

Build a Culture of solutions and problem solving 


produce innovative and disruptive products and service




learn how to innovate, ideate and lead

Gain cultural competence


Build a equitable, racially CONSCIOUS group of leaders

Dismantle systematic and systemic racism

Address power privilege and oppression 

Shift paradigms and change the status quo

Educate on equity, equality and adequacy 

Build inclusive communities

Gain Non-POC agency and lead allyship and solidarity

Community advocacy, policy Change

Racial Reconciliation and Healing

Restorative Justice

Implicit biases and microaggressions


institutional change (education, housing, healthcare, justice system, media, Money)

Collective empowerment and organizing

brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Brand Statement

Brand Mission

Brand authenticity

Brand influence

Build your audience

Strategic partnerships rooted in collective empowerment for business sustainability

Discover ingredients of a world changer

Effective communication

Internal and External Public Relations

Social Media Strategy

My heart will always be in developing leaders, people and spaces and helping them unleash their potential and giving them a platform to amplify their voices to engage and impact the community. Lead with me. - Hannah Naomi Jones 



February 10, 2023

Become a Legacy Builder

"Your Legacy is every life you have impacted" - Maya Angelou


Become A Legacy Builder is a series of workshops that teaches the power of story telling, the importance of leading through your narrative. This series teaches the Legacy Builder formula created by Hannah Naomi, helping leaders discover their authenticity and develop their identity, answering foundation questions such as: Who am I? What is my purpose, passion and potential? How do I use it for success?

The series provides a true understanding that your legacy is every life you have impacted and how discovering your uniqueness and developing the best version of you will result in building a legacy that will live on forever leaving and impactful blue print everywhere you go!

Leading through Your Narrative

"You are the solution to the very problem you are facing" - Dr. Charles Dorsey



The most powerful thing a leader can do is tell their story and live their truth. There is power in your scars. This workshop cultivates resiliency, and is a powerful, engaging experience that will insight trust and vulnerability. Your voice will be heard and the validation of what has effected you personally, institutionalize and societally will bring healing and an understanding of how to lead through your narrative will be gained.  

Building your brand and why you need one

“The highest honor on Earth that you will ever have is the honor of being yourself” - Oprah Winfrey 

There is power in your scars, lead throu

This workshop is designed to teach leaders to develop their brand and learn why they need one. Leaders will learn how to put forth the best version of themselves and how to utilize technology and social media to innovatively build their brand.

ChanGing the status quo: Leaders Who Shift Paradigms

"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change, I am changing the things I cannot accept." - Angela Y. Davis



Changing demographics requires institutional change. This workshop breaks down 5 social institutions that intentional or unintentional perpetuate discrimination, promote inequities and uphold white supremacy.


Hannah introduces the idea of shifting the paradigm of social institutions that suffer from paradigm paralysis, reimagining spaces that were never meant for the marginalized voices, the undeserved and underrepsened. It will take Radical Change and Authentic Leaders agility and strength to change the status quo. 

Porch Talk: Difficult Dialogue

"We can disagree and still love each other unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist." - James Baldwin



This workshop is designed to have a holistic, organic and healing conversation about difficult topics such as race, identity, religion, inequities, marginalized voices, social justice topics, cultural competency, micro and macro aggression, inclusive language, cultural related topics such as food, hair, appropriation, music and more and can be uniquely tailored to any audience. 


Porch talk promotes dialogue over discourse and address the discomfort of the topics to promote awareness and healing. 

Authentic leaders understand the importance of dialogue, how to effectively listen, see different perspectives and respect differences and taking time to discover ones core values and see the importance of a moral compass!

Student Success and Retention Model Developing Student Leaders through Degree Attainment and Beyond

"Whenever we broaden the lens through which we view children to go beyond strict academics, to look at their social-emotional needs or physical needs, we're forced to grapple with issues of equity." - Dr. Pedro Noguera



This workshop is designed for K-12 and post secondary educators as well as students and introduces Hannah's 5 core areas of need retention model rooted in a deep understanding on SEL (Social Emotional Learning).


The model was designed and implemented to keep students retained by developing student leaders through degree attainment combating student attrition. Leadership opportunities produce students who are more likely to succeed as agents of change and help students master their own destiny post degree attainment.

This workshop addresses educational inequity, retention barriers and the school to prison pipeline as well as unpacks the criminalzation of students of color through disciplinary action.

Radical Self Care | Super woman vs. Black Girl Magic

"For black women whose bodies are buckling under the weight of systems never designed to support them, GirlTrek is a lifeline." - T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison (founders of GirlTrek)



Black women are magical and have carried everyone and everything for hundreds of year.


We are in urgent need or RADIAL SELF CARE. Malcolm X said, “The most disrespected woman in America is the black woman. The most unprotected woman in America is the black woman. The most neglected woman in America is the black woman.”


In a Society were studies suggest that black women are the least desired race in America and there's historical roots of hatred and contemporary abuse of black women. When we have gone from mammy to Jezebel.


For black women whose bodies are buckling under the weight of systems never designed to support them.


This workshop is to promote holistic healing, promote self love and help to heal unresolved trauma and heal intergenerational pain through understanding our history and stories, sacrifices and lineage. 

Ted Talk: My Story | Greater than your current circumstance

"There are people who are greater than their current circumstance who are capable of changing the status quo of their communities and the world." - Rev. Dr. Mark E. Whitlock



Her father was born on skidrow during the great depression, at one point she was a college dropout, divorced, homeless and hungry, a domestic violence survivor and a single mother.


She experienced access and opportunities denied and dreams deferred but one sentence changed her entire trajectory.


This workshop is an inspiring workshop where Hannah uniquely tells her story of being born with the cards she was dealt, and discusses intergenerational poverty, and trauma and the unbelievable experiences she has overcome and how positive revolutionary thinking and knowing her worth and greatness brought her to impacting lives by telling her story. Hannah passionately sends the powerful message that YOU ARE GREATER THAN YOUR CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCE. BELIEVE YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS! 



Invite Me | Inspire Change With Me

Invite me to come out to your event, organization, conference or campus to be your keynote, guest speaker, facilitator, moderator, present and inspire any audience, or carve out a unique opportunity. Send me an invitation lets be a catalyst for change together. Book me now!

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