Dear White People: During Black Lives Matter Movement in 2020

A open letter to white people who apologize for systematic and systemic racism that has harmed Black people and this country.

Dear White people,

I have received several messages in the last few days, from so many White people apologizing. At first, I did not know how to deal with the apologies. I’ve trained my self to have Black exceptionality and never need the apology of White people. However, I cried for two days reading some of these apologies.

I don’t want the apology for what your ancestors have done or even you may have done or contributed. Thank you and I won’t stop you, but the great thing about consciousness is once you have become aware and you make a conscious decision to do something or nothing or oppress people with your privilege or use it for good, that is on you and your soul.

White folks, without adapting the super hero, white savior syndrome, you lead can too. I can’t speak for all Black people because our healing and compassion levels vary and I would never take that space to figure out their relationship with white people away, but I personally don’t want you on your knees. I want you next to me and strategically tearing down every system of power that has harmed historically marginalized people and more specifically my people. I want you to fight for reparations. Y’all haven’t showed up for us, EVER in the history of US. I just want you to use your privilege for good.

Lead from a moral consciousness. You have everything you need. Knowledge is infinite. Keep learning from the lens of someone other than your self. You are not a villain, although whiteness has done villainous horrific things to my people that you can help to fix and heal. Understand the historical context of power, privilege and oppression.

I’m still emotional from the barriers that have set me back, tried to take me out, messed up my kids and my mental health at one point, but YET I HAVE DEFIED THE ODDS, oppression tried to burry me, inequity robbed me and yet I’m the rose that grew out of the concrete. I forgive you. If you never apologize, if your efforts are temporary, Black people have and will continue to be #resilient and #magical and over come. Get up. I can’t let you stay on your knees. Lead with me! #LeadWithMe

HannahNaomi Jones

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