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"A message with intention is a movement with power"

Hannah Naomi Jones

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Lead with me; a call to action to walk in your purpose and change the world unapologetically.


Lead with me apparel derives from the power of storytelling, a message that speaks truth to power, uplifts and empowers everyone to lead, being the change they want to see.

A Message with intention is a movement with power! Join the Lead with Me movement and be a part of the community of change-makers for social good.

Each collection was designed by Lead With Me Apparel creator Hannah Naomi Jones.


Lead With Me

All Black

Apparel Collection

Lead With Me All Black Apparel Collection derives from the Lead with me movement with a unique message and the intention to inspire and uplift. To inspire means to bring out what is already with in. This signature and first every Lead with Me collection of inspirational messages aims to inspire and compel others to join the Lead with Me movement with each message uniquely written by collection designer and creator Hannah Naomi Jones who has spoken these words and life into every person she has encountered and wanted to share them with world. Hannah Naomi is an unapologetic Black womenpreneur social impact strategist, influencer, architect of ideas, creative and founder of Lead with Me Impact Strategies and Lead with Me Racial Equity League.